Friday, May 28, 2010


Hi! My name is Amelia Ratkins and I am a world traveler. Seriously, I am. I was born in Weymouth in the United Kingdom. I decided to follow in my brother's, Professor Magellan Ratkins, footsteps and join The Traveling Rats. I've been to so many wonderful places and have had marvelous adventures. I've taken a bus tour through Europe and have been on a safari in Africa (don't worry, we only shot things with our cameras!). I've spent time in Croatia, Holland, Canada, and many places in the US and UK. I've seen maple syrup tapped, visited the Amish, and went to a cat show. I even fell in love with the son of a Masai Chief! You can see all of these adventures at The Traveling Rats website. Check out the travels of the other rats too-they've all been to so many wonderful places.

I retired from The Traveling Rats a few years ago and settled down in Western New York, USA. However, you can only keep a traveling rat still for so long. I still go out and explore on occasion, and I always take my camera. I finally decided to start my own website and share my travels with you. In addition, I now have another brother, Cabot. He too will be traveling and sharing his adventures. I hope you join us as Ratkins Deux the World!

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