Friday, August 19, 2011

Cabot Visits The Shiloh Museum of Ozark History

Springdale, Arkansas is located between Rogers and Fayetteville here in Northwest Arkansas. In 1840, a small settlement was established around a log church known as the Shiloh Primitive Baptist Church, giving the town its original name. The community grew big enough to need a post office. However, Arkansas already had a town named Shiloh. Due to the abundant local springs, “Springs in the Dale” was suggested. The town was incorporated officially as Springdale in 1878. Today Springdale is a big part of the growing and prosperous economic powerhouse that is Northwest Arkansas. The challenge for the future involves balancing rapid growth with preserving the natural resources and beauty that first drew people here.

The Shiloh Museum of Ozark History serves the public by providing resources for finding meaning, enjoyment, and inspiration in the exploration of the Arkansas Ozarks.

Most of what you'll see at the museum highlights the real shapers of Ozark history - the everyday men, women, and children who lived in our towns and rural communities. Along with exhibits, you can explore six historic buildings on the museum grounds. We also have a research library with a collection of over 500,000 photographs of Ozark life.

This is outside on the grounds of the Shiloh Museum.

Can I drive?

Behind me is a “spring house” – underneath it in the back is a stone basement that houses a well – this is where the early settlers could keep things cool.

This is what was once a real working outhouse!!!

Notice the large metal tub hanging on the outside of the outhouse – that was their bathtub!!!

It's a two seater!

Monday, August 15, 2011

German Fest!

Spencerport, NY celebrated German culture this past weekend.

Tee Hee. Look, I'm a little German girl!

I'm learning how to pour beer!

I'd better get some food!

Hmmmm. What to eat?

Yummm.  Bregenwurst, pretzel, and German beer!

You must have a German band!

Let's dance!

This fellow is wearing a traditional German costume. Sadly, they didn't have any lederhosen in my size.

This lady has a traditional costume too!

Goodbye and thanks for the wonderful hospitality!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Birthday at America's Grape Country Wine Festival

Today was my birthday and I celebrated by attending America's Grape Country Wine Festival. I had such a wonderful time last year, I knew it would be great fun again. Look at all the vendors and people!

Wineries come from all over the state to be at this event. Here I am at the Seven Vines Winery booth.

It's not just wines here. These are some lovely flavored olive oils from D'Avolio. The blood orange one was amazing!

This lovely lady came all the way from the Catskills! She brought some wonderful pasta sauces from Grandpa Pete's Gourmet Sauces...may I recommend the Sunday Vodka Sauce?

Nothing's more refreshing on a hot day than freshly squeezed lemonade.

Here I am at Louie's Lemonade, ready to quench my thirst.

All that food and wine was making me hungry. I decided on a Cuban sandwich for lunch. It was amazing!

Nothing like a little music with your meal.

I attended two seminars on pairing wine with foods and cheeses. Mmmmmm. Cheese!

And sip...

These wine bottles are just my size! They're from Hazlitt 1852 Vineyards.

All packed up and ready to go.

Too bad we can't take a train home.

Now, where did we park?

Friday, August 12, 2011

Cabot Spots Bigfoot!

Cabot discovers Bigfoot is alive and well and living in South Atoka, Oklahoma!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

I Love Lucy

I love Lucy! Lucille Ball is one of my heroes. Today would have been her 100th birthday! To commemorate her special day I wanted to show you Jamestown, New York-Lucy's Hometown. 
Here is the Desilu Playhouse, part of the Lucille Ball - Desi Arnas Center, which is devoted to the I Love Lucy TV series. Inside are recreations of some of Lucy and Ricky's NY apartment as well as their hotel suite in Hollywood. There's even an interactive Vitameatavegamin set! Unfortunately, photos are not allowed to be taken inside-so you'll just have come and visit yourself!

The Lucy-Desi Museum is a salute to salute to the "First Couple of Comedy"! There are costumes, photographs, and memorabilia from both of their lives. There's even a car!

This house is Lucille Ball's birthplace. It's a private residence now. I wonder if the owners are Lucy fans?

Now named Lucy Lane, this street was originally 8th Street and the location of Lucy's childhood home.

This private residence is where Lucy grew up. Although it's close enough to still be considered Jamestown, it's actually in Celeron, NY.

Not far from Lucy's childhood home is the Lucille Ball Memorial Park.

A beautiful view from Lucy's park!

Lucille Ball died on April 26, 1989. Her ashes were interred Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Hollywood Hills, California. However, in 2002 her children brought her remains home to Jamestown.

The path leading to Lucille Ball's grave. Notice the heart?

Lucille Ball's grave.

Here is the grave from the other side. Lucy is here along with her parents and other family members.