Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Aix en Provence

I arrived in France and set out to explore Aix en Provence.

There was so much good food to eat. Here I am with Judy munching on Provencial salad, baked Brie, onion tarte, stewed veggies and other assorted goodies.

Of course, I needed to quench my thirst!

Aix has some wonderful shopping venues too. I went to the Hermes Store. Don't I look good with a Hermes tie?

This Hermes bag costs 2400 Euro! Sorry Amelia, don't expect it for Christmas. I think it's out of my budget!

Look at all the fun stuff at Pylones gift store.

Oh the wonderful smells! I'm soaking up the aromas in the Spice Market.

I made lots of new friends-like this guy at the market.

And the Maitre D' of the restaurant.

This little bag is so neat. It's an ice bag. When you order a bottle of wine or anything you'd like to stay chilled, the waiter will bring it to your table in this neat little bag filled with ice. I just had to see if it would hold me!

I wanted to explore the flora in France-so I decided to climb a tree! Here I am hanging in a tree at the Aquabella Hotel in Aix en Provence.

 Next stop...another French town.

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