Sunday, October 10, 2010

Nottingham Mansion In Buffalo, NY

Buffalo, NY has some amazing architecture, from the Art Deco City Hall and Central Terminal to gems designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and more. The area around Delaware Park has some gorgeous homes. In fact, they are mansions. Recently a mansion on Nottingham Terrace was sold. They were having an estate sale, so I stopped by. I didn't go inside, but snapped some great pictures from the outside.

Originally built for Annie Lang Miller and completed in 1933, the mansion is known as The Annie Lang Miller House, as well as The Snowden Mansion (another owner).

Look at the architectural detail.

I love fountains.

They don't make homes like this anymore.
If you're in Buffalo, NY make sure you drive around to see some magnificent homes. You can drive by and see this mansion in person too, at 175 Nottingham Terrace. However, it is a private home-so no peeking in the windows!

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