Friday, February 4, 2011

Cabot on Warren Street in Hudson, NY

In December 2010, Cabot paid a visit to a friend in Hudson. Hudson, NY is about 2 hours north on NYC on the Hudson River, nestled between the Catskills & the Berkshires. It has a famous, Historical District, called " one of the richest dictionaries of architectural history in New York State."The town was founded in 1785, and became an important whaling ports, despite being many miles from the sea. For a while after that, it was an industrial center before going through an economic downturn. More recently, it has become a well known arts and antiques center. 
 Warren Street (the main drag) is lined with fascinating shops and galleries. Cabot is staying in a nice apartment right on Warren Street above a wonderful antique store (the blue building).
So Cabot is going to take a walk down Warren Street to look at the beautiful buildings. The first thing he saw was a car sporting reindeer antlers!
We are at the top of Warren Street looking west towards the river. The colorful building is Mexican Radio, a well known restaurant.
Walking down Warren Street we see beautiful buildings. The one with the mansard roof was built in 1811.
The Spotty Dog, beer, books & art supplies. How can you beat that!
 Nice decorations!
For some reason, the owners of this building tried to make it look like a pumpkin!

Some country cousins in the window. For some reason, people in Hudson like to put toy rats in their windows though these were the only ones Cabot could find.

More beautiful buildings.
 The Hudson Opera House, built in 1855 and NY State's oldest surviving theater. Next to it is Ca' Mea, a good Italian restaurant.
Of all things, a Jamaican grocer! Mmmmm, beef patties!
Nearly at the bottom of Warren Street. Here are the oldest buildings, a few dating from the late 1700s.


  1. Wow! I really like this town! Hopefully Cabot can take me sight seeing one day.
    I have some family near the Hudson River but not sure what town it is.

  2. Hi Drusilla
    WOW! Oh my God Drusilla. This is just too awesome. What a brilliant idea! Not only are we learning about your town of Hudon but with an adorable rattie tour guide leading the way. You are so clever. You really made my day!
    Dianne Rochenski
    I cannot wait to move!!!

  3. Dru, this is fabulous, how fortunate you are to live here! Cabot did a fine job of showing us around this beautiful historical town, is you building in any of these photos?

  4. My apartment is in the blue building in the first photo.