Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cabot and the Libation of the Month Club

My hostess, Lynn, took me to a meeting of the Libation of the Month Club. She and her husband get together once a month with several couples and enjoy sampling several drink selections from a pre-determined liquor genre.  I wonder what we'll drink tonight?
This month was “Cuban drink” night and it was hosted by Lynn's next door neighbors, Kelly and Bobby. Kelly and Bobby prepared several Cuban drinks for us to try that they researched on the internet. We sampled an Almond Cigar cocktail, the Cuban Special Recipe, the Cuban coctel de papaya helado (which was a frozen papaya drink), and the Cuban cherry.  We all really enjoyed the Cuban wing shot – which was made with Kalhula, banana rum and a splash of grenadine!

They also prepared some wonderful foods for us to try as well!  We had Cuban style pork sandwiches with mango salsa and a great pina asada, which was grilled pineapple marinated with golden rum and brown sugar and cinnamon then grilled and served over vanilla ice cream. Here I am getting ready to sample the extremely yummy mango salsa!

And of course, no “Cuban drink night” would be complete without sampling a cigar – which in this case, unfortunately, was not from Cuba!!
You may have noticed the obviously missing “mojito” from the Cuban drink line up.  That is because the object of these monthly meetings is to experience drinks that members have never heard of or tried before to “broaden” our cocktail knowledge! I had a wonderful time...maybe I'll visit Cuba one day!

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