Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cabot in Bentonville Square

I've been so busy having fun in Arkansas I've neglected to share my pictures. My home base is Bentonville, Arkansas which is in the Northwest corner of the state. Here I am in Bentonville Square. 

 Isn't it pretty?

The Bentonville town square embraces a Civil War statue, benches, fountain, and beautiful gardens surrounded by quaint shops. During the Civil War, all but 12 of the buildings downtown were burned. Therefore, the main business buildings around the square were constructed between 1875 and 1888.

A monument dedicated "to the Southern Soldiers".

The 1928 Benton County Courthouse is a three-story neo-classical structure designed by A.O. Clark.

 The old Hotel Massey is located just off the Square.

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