Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cabot Visits Compton Gardens

The city of Bentonville, Arkansas has been doing an outstanding job over the past several years creating its residents beautiful walking trails. There is so much wooded land here that makes for create places to meander through and enjoy nature – plus get some good exercise at the same time!

Compton Gardens is a green oasis that serves as a public park for the residents of Bentonville and beyond.

This 6.5 acre garden has been developed into a native / woodland garden which is quickly becoming a regional destination garden and special events venue. Residents and visitors are able to take advantage of this beautiful and peaceful environment that contains a native plant collection.

 These bears are friendly...right?

Compton Gardens is named after Dr. Neil Compton, a noted Bentonville physician, writer, photographer, founder of the Ozark Society, and savior of the Buffalo River. The Conference Center is the re-modeled home of Dr. Compton and now serves as a rental facility for seminars, conferences, workshops, retreats, intimate weddings, and private events. This is the entrance to the conference center along with a humongous old White Oak tree.

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