Saturday, July 14, 2012

Corn Hill Arts Festival

Last Saturday I went to the Corn Hill Arts Festival. We parked in downtown Rochester, and took a shuttle to the neighborhood in this comfy bus. It was dark and stormy-but I was determined to have fun.

I love this festival-there were over 400 vendors selling wonderful items in this historic neighborhood.

I stopped to listen to these musicians playing on a front porch!

Checking out the architecture is one of the best parts of attending this festival.

Time for something to eat.

MMMMMMmmmmmmmm. Pulled pork sandwich with salt potatoes from The Beale.

I saw a tent that said "Got Ghosts" so I went in. I met historian and ghost researcher David J. Pitkin. He wrote some great books about ghosts here in New York State.

A view of the crowd.
Going to the fair can be exhausting. This guy was all tuckered out.

Time to admire one more interesting house before I called it a day. If you get a chance, come explore the Corn Hill neighborhood of Rochester, NY. You won't be disappointed.

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