Thursday, July 24, 2014

Cabot Spends Time in Fort Worth, TX

I spent some time in Fort Worth, Texas between March and July of this year.

I got to see the wonderful musical Cats!

Here I am with Deuteronomy. Isn't he wonderful?

In addition to the characters in the musical I got to meet some real cats too. This is my friend, Jack. I met him at a cat show in Houston.

I also met this lady. She's a python who lives in Waco.

I went to the Fort Worth Arboretum. Aren't these pansies pretty?

I'm getting hungry!

After the Arboretum it was time for a refreshing beverage! Hmmm, Long Island Iced Tea?

Or English beer?

Beer it is! Delicious.

While in Fort Worth I got to celebrate Litha. Litha is a major Sabbat. It's also known as the Summer Solstice or Midsummer. This is a Pagan altar.

Thanks so much to my hostess. I had a wonderful time in Texas!

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