Sunday, August 15, 2010

Orlando, Florida

After exploring Austin, Texas I was invited to join a lovely family for their trip to Disney World. Here I am with my new friends-Florida here we come!

We're waiting for the bus headed to Hollywood Studios. Imagine-there's a Hollywood in Florida too!

Here I am with my host, standing in front of a backdrop of San Francisco. Hmmm I think I'll have to visit the real San Francisco and get my picture taken there too!

Don't I look cool in these shades. Ha Ha. We're actually watching a movie in 3D!

Here we are at Epcot Center.

The Magic Kingdom-Disney World here I am!

I got to meet my famous cousin. It's my host, me, and Mickey Mouse!

I really appreciate being welcomed on this family trip. I had a fantastic time. I'll miss these wonderful people, but more adventures are waiting.

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