Saturday, August 18, 2012

Amelia Goes to Wedgestock

As Nathaniel Rochester reflects on the development of his city. I'll reflect upon the fun I'll have at Wedgestock!

Located in the South Wedge of Rochester Wedgestock is a neighborhood arts, music, and food festival.

Isn't this a cool car?!? Petpalooza is a local animal magazine.

Did you know Rochester has its own roller derby league? The ROC City Roller Derby: because tough girls run in tight circles! I'm practicing a to cheer them on.

Time for ice cream at Hedonist Artisan Ice Cream!

Peach Brandy Blueberry Sorbet-oh my. It's unbelievably fantastic!

I'm having fun at Now and Zen. Can you see me?

My friend, Brian of Now and Zen, and I have an important discussion.

Human kids have camp-why can't dogs?

This neat building actually sells historic house parts! I always enjoy visiting the South Wedge-you should come visit too!

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